Kalina Malowany

MSc graduate
McGill University

I completed my Masters at McGill University under the supervision of Prof. John Stix on the topic of volcanic gas geochemistry. My research was focused on the application of portable cavity ring-down spectrometers as monitoring tools for CO2 emitted from active volcanoes. These tools have been used extensively for monitoring the rise of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere, and we are the first to test their ability to forecast future volcanic eruptions. Specifically, I used stable carbon isotopes recorded in gases emitted from volcanic vents and in volcanic plumes to determine the character of the of the magma residing below the surface. My field site was Turrialba volcano, Costa Rica, and all of our data was acquired during a phase of increasing activity and prior to the most recent eruptive period. The outcomes of this research are important to the application of cavity ring-down spectrometers in volcanic environments and have revealed important trends in gas geochemistry at Turrialba volcano.

The MAGNET program aided in developing my understanding of geochemistry, and gave me a wide range of experience in associated areas of industry and research. I will continue to apply my knowledge of gas and aqueous geochemistry working in environmental consulting, and I hope to soon return for my PhD in volcanic gas geochemistry.

Last updated April 2017