MAGNET trainees’ posters honourable mentions at GAC-MAC 2017

Congratulations to MAGNET trainees Fiona D’Arcy and Rhy McMillan for being honorable mentions in the GAC-MAC 2017 poster awards competition!

Their posters featured some of the exciting geochemical research that MAGNET is facilitating. Rhy’s poster was entitled “The identification of reworked sedimentary contexts and stratigraphic provenance of bones: A novel quantitative method for Pleistocene archaeological and paleontological sites”, and Fiona’s was “Sulfur and carbon isotopes in tree rings as a record of volcanic activity: A new approach to studying the gases at Turrialba volcano, Costa Rica”.

For more information, see page 22 of GEOLOG, Volume 46, Number 2.

Fiona D’Arcy, MAGNET MSc trainee.

Rhy McMillan, MAGNET PhD trainee.