Jean-David Pelletier

MSc graduate
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

In April 2013, I obtained my BSc (Honours) in Geology from Université du Québec a Chicoutimi (UQAC). In September 2013, I started my Master’s in Earth Sciences at UQAC with Prof. Sarah-Jane Barnes (Canada Research Chair in Magmatic Ore Deposits). For my undergraduate research project I studied the trace element signature of olivine from various geological settings using the laser ablation ICP-MS at UQAC. This allowed me to see the importance of geochemistry to understand magmatic processes and made me want to pursue my Master’s degree.

My Master’s project is to characterize the petrography and geochemistry of the Fe-Ti-P deposits of Lac à Paul in the Lac St-Jean anorthosite massif in Quebec in order to understand better the petrogenesis of the deposit. This project was initiated by Arianne Phosphate Inc, the company valorizing the magmatic phosphorus deposit, and Prof. Sarah-Jane Barnes, member of MAGNET. Since the 1960s the genesis of nelsonite, which comprises magnetite (Fe), ilmenite (Ti) and apatite (P), is highly debated with some researchers proposing Fe-rich liquid immiscibility and others crystallization from a silicate magma. The multidisciplinary team of MAGNET is a good way to learn some new geochemical techniques and provides the opportunity to discuss and interact with a diversity of experts and researchers.