Gregor Lucic

PhD graduate
McGill University

My name is Gregor and I am originally from Slovenia. I came to Canada from New Zealand where I completed an honours degree in Geology and Environmental Science at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. In my spare time I enjoy climbing rocks and mountains, playing all sorts of sports and I have a great passion for photography and travel.

I took my passion for Volcanology I found in New Zealand a step further when I came to McGill University in Montreal where I completed a PhD thesis with Prof. John Stix that examined the role of volatiles at three active volcanic centres around the world. Using a brand new cavity ring-down spectrometer I characterized the stable isotopic composition of soil gases at Long Valley caldera, California and outlined a new methodology for rapid and reliable identification of magmatic-hydrothermal gases. At Cerro Negro volcano in Nicaragua I used a similar soil gas study to identify spatial and temporal variations in the isotopic composition of soil gases. This study set up a sampling protocol that may yield improved warning times before future eruptions. That is why at Hekla volcano in Iceland, I examined the volatile contents in olivine hosted melt inclusions and improved our understanding of the relationship between repose interval, magma composition, eruption size and volatile content. All these methods provide important tools and datasets for the identification of future eruptive activity and help improve warning times at volcanoes with little to no activity between eruptions.