Victoria Tweedie

MSc student
McGill University

I completed my Honours Bachelors of Science at McMaster University in the interdisciplinary and research-oriented Integrated Science program, where I concentrated my studies in earth and environmental sciences, while minoring in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). I completed my undergraduate thesis in the domain of analytical stable isotope geochemistry, analyzing the temperature dependence of the carbon-dioxide–phosphoric acid fractionation reaction for various carbonate minerals. I strongly credit my undergraduate degree for exposing me to diverse applications of geology and geochemistry, in addition to providing me opportunities to develop skills that have helped me become a better and more versatile geoscientist.

In the Fall of 2015 I will commence my M.Sc. under the supervision of Dr. John Stix at McGill University. My M.Sc. project will examine the sources and origin of gas emanating from creeping and locked segments of the San Andreas Fault in the region of Cholame, California. The project objective is to understand the permeability of the fault zone in these different structural environments.