Eduardo Mansur

PhD student
Universitè du Quebec au Chicoutimi

My studies started with a BSc in Geology at Universidade de Brasília, in Brazil (2014). Throughout my studies, I had the opportunity to be involved in industry and academic activities. On the academic side, I worked as intern at the microprobe laboratory at the University of Brasília for three years. I also had the opportunity to study different layered intrusions located in remote areas of Brazil, such as Carajás Mineral Province and the São Francisco Cráton. These studies were performed together with the research group coordinated by Dr. Cesar Ferreira Filho, in the study of mafic-ultramafic rocks and related deposits. During 2013-2014, I worked as intern at the Orinoco Gold mining company, at gold exploration project on greenstone belts at Central Brazil. These activities awakened my interest in comprehending geological processes that lead to the formation of ore deposits (petrology, mineralogy, geochemistry).

Hence, after my graduation, I started my M.Sc. at the Universidade de Brasília (2015), under the supervision of Dr. Cesar Ferreira Filho. My study was focused on the petrological evolution, and PGE mineralizations, of a mafic-ultramafic layered intrusion known as Luanga Complex, Carajás Mineral Province. The project has been developed with the support of the VALE mining company.  In 2016, I started my PhD at Universitè du Quebec au Chicoutimi, under the supervision of Professor Sarah-Jane Barnes. The main issue of my research is to better understand processes that lead to PGE accumulation during the evolution of mafic and ultramafic magmas.

Last updated May 2017