Second Wave of Trainees Join MAGNET

We have recently accepted an additional 6 trainees – 4 MSc and 2 PDF – most of whom will start this September at 4 different universities across Canada.  They will be working on on a broad range of applied geochemistry projects within the themes of fragile ecosystems, windows into the Earth, and hidden resources.  We look forward to the unique backgrounds, interests and expertise that each trainee will bring to our growing network.

Carol Cheyne MSc UofT Regional and global atmospheric deposition of contaminants
Kalina Malowany MSc McGill Isotopic signatures of natural and anthropogenic gases
Tom Ver Hoeve MSc UBC Trace element behaviour in layered mafic intrusions
Jean-David Pelletier MSc UQAC Geochemistry of the Lac à Paul phosphate deposit
Nicolas Estrade PDF UBC Si cycle in modern and past oceans
Wang Zheng PDF UofT Mobility of trace metal pollutants in soils

These trainees join 4 continuing MAGNET trainees who began in September 2012.  Check out all of their profiles here.