Program Sustainability

In October 2017, we carried out a trainee and alumni survey largely aimed at soliciting ideas on how to sustain the program.  We also held a follow-up discussion of sustainability with break-out groups at the Hawaii workshop in February 2018.  Note that there is no opportunity for renewal of CREATE funds from NSERC and thus our efforts are focused on continuing elements of the program that require little to no funding.

Importantly, we should first note that there is a strong desire, among trainees, alumni, faculty, and collaborators, to keep in touch and keep MAGNET going in some capacity.  The friendships, partnerships and collaborations that have formed via MAGNET have been one of its most successful outcomes.

Suggested methods for sustaining the program and keeping in touch include:

  • Website and social media pages
  • Quarterly newsletter and mailing list
  • Reunions at conferences, field trips before/after
  • Anniversary workshops or short courses
  • Online seminars, speaker series, lunch & learns
  • Student society/chapter with scholarship/award program
  • Research collaborations, lab exchanges
  • Industry internships (with funding from Mitacs, Engage etc.)

The MAGNET website has been updated and will remain live as a reference/archive.  A MAGNET Facebook group [link] has been created, which complements our LinkedIn group [link].  A mailing list (using GoogleGroups) has also been set up.  The Program Coordinator will send out the first Newsletter in Fall 2018, after which time the newsletters will be curated by volunteers 2-3 times per year.  The first conference reunion took place at Goldschmidt (Boston, August 2018) and others are planned (e.g., GSA, AGU).

Although MAGNET as an NSERC CREATE program has technically ended, the MAGNET legacy will live on through our sustainability initiatives.  Our overall vision is for MAGNET to continue to grow and evolve into a professional network of geochemists across Canada and beyond.