Program Evaluation

After the official end of the program on March 31, 2018, we began to focus on evaluating the effectiveness and impact of MAGNET on trainees’ educational experience and employability/job readiness.  Our program evaluation plan consists of compilation and assessment of (1) research and employment metrics (e.g., number of publications, employment rate), (2) survey data, and (3) focus group discussions.

We have already gathered survey feedback from MAGNET faculty members and trainees.  A survey for internship hosts has been designed and will be sent out this Fall.  We have enlisted the help of two UBC EOAS science education specialists to facilitate the trainee focus groups, which are planned for October 2018.

The findings will be reported to NSERC in our final report (due May 2019), posted on the MAGNET website, and potentially presented at a conference or in a journal article on science education.